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     We've recently renovated the Victorian Tudor Executive Suite.  It's a private bed and breakfast/ executive suite. The suite is a fully furnished, one bedroom, complete with full kitchen and bathroom, with parking. The unit has its own washer and dryer as well as dishwasher.


     From all indications, this lovely Victorian Bankers Tudor home was built around the year of 1910. Eugene H. Winslow & Margaret (Rinn) Winslow were the proud owners. Eugene & Margaret were united in marriage on November 25th 1908.
     Eugene was born October 10, 1881 in Punxsutawney, a son of John Carlton & Martha (Hughes) Winslow. Eugene’s father John Carlton Winslow was the son of Rubin Colburn Winslow better known as R.C. Winslow who built and occupied the Winslow mansion of Punxsutawney. Eugene’s father John Carlton died on November 11, 1881 at the young age of 22, one month after Eugene was born. Two weeks before his father’s death Eugene lost a two year old sister named Bessie. Eugene grew up without a father so R.C. Winslow helped to raise Eugene and entrusted to him and his wife (in the year of 1909) the land this lovely Bankers Tutor rests upon. R.C. also provided the money to lay the foundation of the home. Margaret’s father, Samuel A. Rinn, a well known coal operator and banker and one of Punxsutawney’s most successful business men, provided the money and built the rest of the home. It is believed this was done as a wedding gift to the couple. However, the wing of the home which houses the Victorian Tutor Executive Suite/B&B was built on to the main house a few years later. It was built, as per say, a private suite for Eugene and connected to the main house by two passageways. Eugene was said to be, a very private person and would retreat to his private suite while Margaret would entertain her guests in the main area of the home.
     The couple resided in this home raising three children, Samuel Rinn Winslow, John C. Winslow and Anna Martha Winslow, Carlton, Hughes. Eugene H. Winslow died at the age of 81 on November 12, 1962 and Margaret later passed at the age of 78 in October of 1966. The home remained with the Winslow heirs until it was sold to the Dereume family on the 12th day of April 1970. It remained in the Dereume family until May 28, 2004 when it was sold to the present owners Duane & Nancy Miller who continues to restore and preserve this one of a kind beautiful Victorian Bankers Tutor. It is their hope some day that one of the heirs of Eugene and Margaret will revisit this wonderful home with stories to tell and pictures of days gone by.

Researched and written by Nancy L Miller keeper of the Victorian English Tutor.